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Christmas Midnight Service.

Posted in Life,Personal by whoami on December 25, 2005

I just returned from the christmas Midnight service. When I reached there I found that none of the people I knew had come for the service. So I was stuck there alone. Somehow the whole service seemed so dull. The Only thing I listened well was the Messege.
Do you ever get the feeling that you are on autopilot or in a kind of Zombie state?? Well Thats how I felt. I was wondering why I was even there. I guess most of the people there were just there just for the sake of being there. We do a lot of things without meaning to do them. So everybody was there because it was christmas right?? But the people attending the service didnt look like they were having a good time. Ok so there were a lot them were fancy clothes looking very trim in their Suits or maybe its just me. On top of it I had a nasty cold and spent half the time sneezing.

Anyway Merry Christmas to Ya’ll. Its Christmas for me not Season’s greeting mind you. This day is supposed to be very special.

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Long Long Time In A empty Black Space far Away……..

Posted in existentialism,God,Philosophy by whoami on December 25, 2005

Long Long Time In A empty Black Space far Away a single point of energy existed of such a gigantic proportion that there was a huge explosion . Which was called the “BIG BANG”. No ones knows how or why it took place.

And after a few billion years these particles from the big bang spread out. And after another billion years they formed planets and stars and after a few more billion years’ life started to develop on it on, on a planet called “EARTH?. After a few more Billion years’ the first human beings were formed since then they have been trying to discover the purpose of their existence.

That’s on version of it. The other version goes like this. A long time ago a “Supreme Being ” or “GOD” created human being and put them on the planet “EARTH”.

So which one is the right answer?? I am not here to answer the questions I am here just to ask questions.

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